Faq - Frequent Asked Questions


Faq - Frequent Asked Questions

  I want to cancel my reservation

You can change or cancel your reservation within 48 hours before the service.

You can contact us by e-mail, facebook, whatsapp, or phone.

  How many luggage your car can carry?

Our cars can carry up to 8 large bags, 8 hand bags, plus a few backpacks.
At the time of booking you will need to enter the number of your bags.

  We are more than 8, how can we book?

Our cars can carry a maximum of 8 people, minibuses for 21 people are available on request. Remember everyone needs a seats, including children, so they need to be counted. We recommend making multiple reservations if you are less than 21 people.

  Can we add an extra stop to our ride?

let us know after booking, the cost is 30 euros for each extra stop

  How do I book a Transfer?

You can book a transfer through our booking page at this Page 

  Do I need a child seat if I’m travelling with a small child?

It’s possible to book a child seat at the time of booking with an increase of 10 euros.

  How can I contact the customer support?

You can contact us through the official channels of the page.

  How can I make sure that my booking is confirmed?

At the time of booking you will receive an e-mail in which you will have to confirm your data. That way you will also confirm for us and your transfer will be confirmed. The e-mail will be sent within seconds after your booking. If you do not receive the e-mail check your spam box, in case you still don’t find any e-mail, contact us!

  Is the price per passenger?

No! The price is always total!

  When my refund will be issued?

 all refunds will be processed by the 15th of the month.

  How do I choose the pick-up time?

If you have to leave the airport, always indicate the flight number, our driver will monitor the flight and be there for the time of your landing. If you have to go to the airport the pick-up must be at least 3 hours before.

  Can the price change?

Yes and changes are calculated while booking based on the time of pick-up and holidays.
However, the price can no longer change after booking

  Is it possible to book the shuttle from the town of civitavecchia?

No. The shuttle is only available within the port. Such requests will be cancelled.

  How much is a transfer with you?

Fill out the form and you will receive your price in real time

  Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, you can select it during booking with a 10% surcharge.

  How many bags per person?

Two bags per person, one large and one small. Extra charge is 10 euros per bag.

  Do you accept payments in dollars?

No. We only accept euros and credit cards

  Where do I find the driver at the airport?

You will find your driver, after picking up your luggage inside the terminal, holding a sign with your name.

  Where do I find the driver at the port?

You’ll find your driver holding a sign with your name in front of  the ship

  How long does it take from Civitavecchia to Fiumicino airport?

It takes about 45 minutes.

  How long does it take from Civitavecchia to the center of Rome?

It takes about 60 minutes.

  How long does it take from Civitavecchia to Ciampino airport?

It takes about 80 minutes.

  How do I know if my car has arrived and how do I contact the driver?

One day before your arrival you will receive an e-mail with the name and telephone number of your driver. You can contact him for any eventuality. Drivers are always on tim

  Can you get under the ship?

Yes, all our drivers have the necessary permits to enter the port.

  What happens if the flight is either early or late?

Our drivers follow your flight and will be waiting for you when you arrive.

  Waiting times for Shared Shuttle service.

From Rome, the pick-up time can be brought forward or postponed by 30 minutes. This can vary depending on weather and traffic conditions.

The service provides other stops and other passengers that could be taken or left in different places than yours.

From Civitavecchia the driver could make pick-ups from other ships and you could have a delay on the pick-up of 30 minutes.

The shared shuttle service is not always available.

  How long does it take to get out of the ship?

Disembarkation times are usually assigned in relation to the bridge where the cabin is located. The higher the bridge the earlier the landing. However, if you have an air or railway ticket, therefore an urgent condition, it is sufficient to communicate  will give priority to disembark.

  Is there a discount if I book the return service?

No. The price is the same.